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Application Black or dark colored paper, coated paper, photo,
leather(tanned leather), unpainted wood, polymer clay, shrink plastic
Drying time 5-10 minutes on uncoated papers. Varies based on weight / type of paper, humidity, etc.
Embossing It dries quickly on porous paper and powder may not adhere.
  • Color will be most visible if pad is liberally inked.
  • Use with Sponge Daubers and stencils.
  • Colors appear a tinted pearl color when used on light colored papers.
  • Use the ink (from inkers) directly with Sponge Daubers or Squeegee. Mix 2 or 3 colors to achieve a luminous custom color.
  • Re-ink the pad (with inker, sold separately) as needed to keep pad moist. Do not allow pad to dry out completely.
  • Replace inner plastic cover and cover after use. Exposure to air will cause the inkpad to dry out.
  • Ink on pad appears white. Color will be reflected on dark papers.

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Opalite Inker 20ml

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